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Preț:  25,00 LEI

Disponibilitate:  în 2 zile

Preț:  25,00 LEI

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Autor(i): , Vasile Voiculescu">


Colecția: Cărți esențiale

Anul apariției: 2018

Nr. pagini: 272 pagini

Tip copertă: brosata

ISBN: 9786067105247

Stare: nefolosita (noua)

Categorii: Beletristica, Carte nefolosită, Poezie, Reviste / Almanahuri


Entire libraries have been written on the work of Vasile Voiculesu and yet his poetry awaits to be discovered. Getting acquainted with Voiculescu’s work, whether his prose of poetry, entails first and foremost a spiritual exercise. Mostly because it is in itself a ceaseless spiritual quest, transmitted to the reader by more and more refined means as the author advances with life and work. The present anthology aims at putting together a history and a direction of themes approached in Voiculescu’s spiritual exercises: definition of self, me-in-the-world; love as communion impulse; immersion in nature; the constant effort to communicate with the spiritual level of reality. Above all, the book is a proposition of individual communication and merely offers a starting point. The final destination is entirely up to the reader.

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