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Colectia: Cărți esențiale

Nr. pagini: 328 pagini

Tip coperta: brosata

ISBN: 9786067105278

Stare: nefolosita (noua)

Categorii: Carti in curs de aparitie, Carte nefolosita


The whole of Voiculescu’s work – poetry, prose, drama – is organized as a unitary network of answers to one single question: can man transform and change his condition in order to become another and then, on a different level, become someone else entirely?

All Voiculescu’s work, but especially his prose, transmits a message. It is Zahei’s message: only despair gives strength. Without hope, one loses the strength to build oneself. And hope can only be found within oneself, unlike love, which needs two. Once set on the path towards the light, the greatest mistake one can make is to build hope dependent on someone else other than oneself. The love between man and woman has no time to come full circle. Starting with a burst of sensuality, the two will part ways before internalization happens.

However, something else is of essence: Zahei undertakes the relationship as complete love and chooses to pay for a sin he has not committed in order to protect the memory of the woman who had given him more than anyone before: her life. This relationship, initially based on lust only, transforms into love through the sacrifice that both lovers accept.