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Colecția: Pupil`s Book

Anul apariției: 2016

Nr. pagini: 134 pagini

Limba: engleza

Stare: de anticariat (excelenta)

Categorii: Limba Engleza, Limbi Străine



Hopscotch is a gentle six-level course that helps primary-age pupils learn English whilst discovering the world around them.
The series has a gradual progression with the focus on communicative skills in the early levels whilst reading and writing are introduced from the 4th level onwards.
The use of texts, stories and National Geographic, photographs draws on pupils' innate curiosity and fascination with nature, the environment and different cultures to naturally encourage their desire to speak and communicate in English.


Fascinating photographs showcase the real magic of the world and engage the pupils' attention and introduce students to different cultures and peoples.
Students lay the groundwork for language by being introduced to the communicative skills of English in the earlier levels before tackling reading and writing skills in later levels.
Project work not only provides a great way to use the language in a productive way but also encourages collaborative work and problem solving - key 21st century skills.
Picture stories introduce natural language and vocabulary through simple and accessible story-lines.
Special online downloads give guidance and support for teaching pupils with specific learning

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