100 Home Design Principles



Anul aparitiei: 2014

Nr. pagini: 384 pagini

ISBN: 9789881507105

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Categorii: Stiinta / Tehnica, Carte nefolosita, Arhitectura / Urbanism

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Home design combines the essence of architecture and art, and designer do their best to find new ways in the various contradictions and conflicts to perfectly express their understanding of space and the owners' initial imagination. At the same time, each case always contains many certain and uncertain factors that refer to the furnishings or even space composition. In order to illustrate the essence of each case more accurately, this book has systematically deconstructed every aspect of home design that refers to space, structure, interface, decoration, and special areas. Each of the cases is illustrated from the point of functional area, and the corresponding plan vividly outlines the transformation from plane to space, from the abstract to the actual. Readers not only find inspiration from the cases, but also experience the peculiarity of the home design and enjoy the tacticle senstation of the textured space.