Midnight Dolls



Anul aparitiei: 2015

Nr. pagini: 368 pagini

ISBN: 9781409584018

Stare: nefolosita (noua)

Categorii: Young Adult fiction, Carte straina, Carte nefolosita, Crime and thrillers

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Book type: paperback
AGE: 14+
BIC: E3N79
Eveny, Peregrine and Chloe are the Midnight Dolls, the impossibly beautiful voodoo queens of Carrefour.

Shadowy secrets come to light when Eveny discovers she's heiress to two magical traditions: her power has doubled.

And so has the threat from her enemies - a deadly anti-magic organisation. When Eveny is attacked at home, it's clear they are closing in... Carrefour's defences are crumbling.

Not available for purchase in the EU.

But with her sister queens beside her, Eveny is ready to fight. For the people and the town she loves. And for her life.

Sultry, seductive, irresistible... welcome back to Carrefour.