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Anul apariției: 2013

Nr. pagini: 252 pagini

Limba: engleza

ISBN: 978-606-24-0011-8

Categorii: Psiho-sociologie, Sociologie


From Summary:

  • Sacred Rituals, the Body's Religious Symbolism and Human Trafficking
  • Social Dimensions
  • Human Trafficking, a Form of Modern Slavery
  • The Contemporary Man - Human Being or Traffickink Comodity?
  • Judicial and Sociological Considerations on Human Trafficking in Romania
  • The Reproduction of Crime in Human Trafficking. A Sociological Perspective
  • Individual Security and Social Vulnerability
  • Domestic Violence Risk Factor for Trafficking in Human Beings
  • Trafficking in Human Beings: Victimology Perspective for Professionals Conducting Hearing Interviews
  • The Reduction of Vulnerability to Human Trafficking through Career Guidance
  • Youth Centers for Reducing Children's Vulnerability to Trafficking and Reintegration of the Children Victims of Trafficking Intervention Model
  • A coordination and Interinstitutional Intervention Model in Developing an Intervention Plan for the Reintegration of Trafficking Victims

This volume has been supported significantly by the United States Embassy in Bucharest, which has contributed, together with the Faculty of Philosophy and Social-Political Sciences from the Alexandru Ioan Cuza University in Iasi, to the organisation of a national conference on the topic of human trafficking. This work is, in fact, an illustration of the complex issue of human trafficking and its effects on society. These effects may manifest themselves in a straightforward form (control of the body, violence and aggressiveness), as well as in more subtle ways (blackmail, fear, dependence, deceit, vain illusions). From this point of view, this book is one of the few existing works that manage to illustrate both the visible and the invisible dimensions of this serious problem we are faced with nowadays.

Dora-Alexandra Cana, Catalin George Fedor, Catalin Luca, Cristina Gavriluta, Nicu Gavriluta, Alexandru Stelian Gulei, Geta Mitrea, Carmen Palaghia , Gheorghe Pascaru, Irinel Rotariu, Eugen Simion, Maria Lorena Tarus, Liviu Zanfirescu.

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